French Polishing

An art that we live and breath 

French Polishing

A dying art that we bring to life

At V Hawksworth we have over 32 years experience in Traditional French Polishing as well as the modern techniques of spray painting, if you have a beauty piece of Family Furniture give us a call and we’ll be able to bring this back to life. 


Bringing a old piece of furniture back to life

Tables - Chairs - Cabinets

Traditional French Polishing

French polishing is a wood finishing technique that results in a very high gloss surface, with a deep colour and chatoyancy. French polishing consists of applying many thin coats of shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol using a rubbing pad lubricated with one of a variety of oils. The rubbing pad is made of absorbent cotton or wool cloth wadding inside of a piece of fabric (usually soft cotton cloth) and is commonly referred to as a fad.

French polish is a process, not a material. The main material is shellac, although there are several other shellac-based finishes, not all of which class as French polishing.

The French Polish technique is an excellent method to accent exotic wood grain. The finish is softer than modern varnishes and lacquers, and is particularly sensitive to spills of water or alcohol, which may produce white cloudy marks, as does heat damage. On the other hand, French Polish is simpler to repair, as opposed to traditional & modern varnish finishes.